Back from Siberia, The Badinovs have thawed out!

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Greetings Comrades,

In answer to the question, “Are The Badinovs still in the gulag or what?” the answer is a resounding NYET! We’d been huddled in a whale-oil stove warmed studio for the last three years working on our latest long-player recording, “The Big Picture”. We’ve also had to do a little personnel shuffling,  and are happy to announce the arrival of our new singer/percussionist Jamie Olberding, Pat’s daughter-in-law, and Tom Duda, a great find as our new drummer. We’re going to get back in the public eye soon, and will try to keep our blog up to date as to what’s shaking for us! DA!

Our studio/reindeer stable

Kent Peterson, our producer, with the tape operator. (Kent’s the one on the right)

The result of our collusion.